1. Teams must have four players.
  2. All participants must wear a hockey helmet and full face protector at all times during play. Hockey gloves are also recommended (but not required). Goalies should bring goalie equipment.
  3. Each game is 15 minutes long (straight time), with two 7 and a half minute halves. A face-off at centre starts both halves.
  4. A penalty (length determined by referee) will be assessed to a player for any of the following infractions:
    • Slashing
    • Tripping
    • Body Contact
    • Abusive language
  5. There are no offsides or face-offs. Whistles are only to be blown for infractions and to end both periods.
  6. When a goal is scored, the team scored upon is given centre.
  7. Tied games will result in a shoot-out, whereby each player is given a shot on net (a total of 3 shots per team) in order to break the tied game. If a tie still exists, then one shot is given to a player in turn on each team until the tie is broken.
  8. Staff and referees reserve the right to eject anyone, player or spectator, for questionable conduct.

These rules are subject to change. If you have any questions regarding the above rules and regulations, please contact us.